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Alchemy is a globally active organization that provides artist representation, event curation and production, creative direction, production, and consulting, and music direction services, and creative content, to the Multiverse. First and foremost, Alchemy, as an organization, firmly believes in respecting all people regardless of color, creed, shape, age, gender identification, or sexual orientation. Alchemy was founded on the truth that many of life’s most important moments are to be had on dance floors, and in experiencing, interacting with, and creating art in general – that culture progresses through the arts of the times. Headquartered in Portland, OR, with Agency in Brooklyn, NY, Alchemy exists to help align and empower networks of artists and creatives in the arts industries.

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First coming into existence as an event curation and production outfit in Portland, Alchemy puts on celebrated dance parties to this day, having featured performances from many legends, and legends in the making.  As of May 19, 2016 Alchemy formally diversified into an arts services organization, with eyes and ears towards helping further build bridges between art mediums across the spectrum.

Towards those ends, Alchemy represents a host of artists who have helped, and continue to help, invent and define modern musics.  With a reverence for timeless sounds and their histories, Alchemy seeks to maintain and reinforce the grand tapestry of music and it’s makers, all the way out to the freshest edges being spun by today’s pioneers.


Alchemy Crew

Lincoln Heath   Principal | Portland, OR

Lincoln is a long time servant of music, and dance music in particular. As a result of his efforts as a DJ, Event Curator and Producer, and Talent Buyer since 2000, he’s acknowledged as helping shape and build dance music culture in Portland, OR and beyond. He began artist representation work in the Spring of 2015, commencing to work with legendary, iconoclast artists from the get. Beyond DJ’ing and his vocations in the arts industries, Lincoln enjoys dancing and hanging out with his beloved wife and friends, spending time with his best friend Ralph, pulling tarot cards, being in nature, fashion, talking about conspiracy theories, and watching the Trail Blazers.

Mikey Palms    Agent | Brooklyn, NY

Mikey Palms is a true Brooklyn treasure. He’s a DJ’s DJ’s DJ, a veritable walking encyclopedia of extraordinarily deep and broad musical knowledge, which he mixes in inspired Wild Style fashion. Founder and operator of the legendary Southpaw music venue in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which he deliberately ran for 10 years, Mikey was also a founding member of widely celebrated dj crews The Rub and Chances With Wolves. In addition to his phenomenally disarming, charming, corny sense of humor, Mikey brings along a host of sublime artists and his marvelous artistic sensibilities to the Alchemy fold.

Ralph   The Closer | Portland, OR