DJ Tameil


In order to become best at your craft, not only is it imperative to be blessed with the talent, a certain amount of dedication is also what’s important. Fortunately, for hip hop & club music impresario Dj Tameil, he’s blessed with the best of both worlds. August 23, 1978 marks the birth of Deshawn Paynes, later to be known as Dj Tameil. Hailing from a family of renowned deejays, it was embedded in his upbringing that possessing an esteemed passion for music and a love for turntables & any form of production equipment or software can transform those qualities into a money making career. As a youngster in New Jersey, Tameil was presented with his first battery powered turntable that his mother purchased for him as a gift.

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The doe-eyed adolescent practiced dutifully on his craft day in and day out. Therefore, he could master his skill with the tangible force of a vinyl record bringing out melodic sound that would capture his ever-waiting audience. Tameil was so resilient that he broke the doors off of a dual tape deck radio so that he would be able to slow the tapes down with his fingers, just to get a good mix. Talk about being resourceful. Tameil also studied his craft, a feat that a lot of up and coming deejays avoid due to their adaptive cockiness that they’re already the best. Tameil didn’t believe in that theory and instead chose to use the radio as his book of knowledge. Everytime he heard a deejay on the boom box, Tameil would take note on how they cut, scratched and chopped a record. He would practice until his music sounded exactly like theirs. An encouraging friend by the name of Reginald Noble, who is now known as the animated rapper Redman, suggested to Tameil , who was only 7 years old at the time that he should deejay at his uncle’s wedding, Tameil agreed and instantly thrived off of the audience reactions as he played E.U.’s “Da butt”. Tameil used to listen daily and accumulate a sense for counting beats as a few of his uncles and Redman would deejay in the basement of Redman’s mother’s house. After Redman got signed to a deal and appeared regularly on television and radio, Tameil realized that being a deejay and creating his own music could actually be more than just a hobby. With everything he learned thus far, Tameil felt confident enough to bring his first tape master to a professional agent in Jersey. There, Tameil was taught how to hustle his talent to fellow vendors and deejays who had their own music stands, booths and record stores. In 1995, Tameil put out his first mixtape to rave reviews. After his 10th mixtape, Tameil became a household name in the state of New jersey. Tameil also was blessed with the opportunity to deejay his first nightclub gig and shortly thereafter he earned his own place as the deejay for a Kelly Price concert at the prestigious Newark Symphony Hall which featured other such notable artists such as Jaheim, Dave Hollister, and Changing Faces. He has also completed work for artist Tame-One (formerly of Artifacts) and comedian/ actor Jonathan Martin (BET’s Comic View) and would also go on to perform on television and at concerts with artists such as Lil’ Jon & the Eastside Boyz, Keyshia Cole, Damien Marley, Jim Jones, Max B, Big Tigger and Miss Jones of Hot 97. Dj Tameil has made various appearances on the nationally syndicated Rap city in “Da bassment” and also “106 & Park” tv shows which feature on BET. He would also go on to appear in various magazines such as “Dazed & Confused (UK)”, “The Fader”, “Time Out NY”, “Spinner”, “Philadelphia Weekly”, “Urban Magazine & others. Tameil also started his own record label, “Anthrax Records” in 2001 from which he released his own vinyl records. The idea to create his own record label came due to previous production that he had done by following the track of various producers from Baltimore, MD. Tameil focused all of his musical abilities on the production of hundreds of Baltimore influenced club tracks which lifted him to another level in the abundance of deejays from the Newark, NJ area who were flooding the area with mixtapes at the time. Tameil took note of the production style of some of Baltimore’s most highly sought producers such as Dj Scottie B., Rod Lee, Dj Technics, KW Griff and a host of others and quickly promoted his newly adapted style on cds, in clubs and through other deejays. As of late 2006 Tameil has inked a contract with Unruly Records which is one of the founding labels in the creation of Baltimore Club Music and owned by Dj Scottie B. & Sean Caeser and is also home to many of the Baltimore Producers whom he looked up to. It would become almost impossible to throw a party and not play Baltimore Club Music or Brick City Club music in many surrounding cities and beyond as the crowds request & pester almost every dj to play this genre of music for at least an hour if not more at the majority of parties. In his Journey to captivate minds across the world with his branch of club music, Tameil has traveled to do tours in cities across Europe, United Kingdom and also Canada. “It’s Ya Man”, which has become the official stamp of Dj Tameil over so many years, will echo upon ears for many more years to come as he travels to more continents and countries abroad. Asked what he would like his audience to get out of his performance, Tameil said he wants them to say: “Dj Tameil is one of the best I ever heard… he just just kept hitting me in the head with hit after hit of the hottest music.” Already a profound piece of art, that shouldn’t be a problem.