DJ Topspeed

dj topspeed mural picDJ Topspeed has long been regarded as a Hip Hop Icon in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana and beyond. Widely renowned as the “Hip Hop Encyclopedia”,

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he began collecting records in 1980 and has now accumulated well over 80,000 LP’s, EP’s, 45’s, etc.

It was B-Boy-ing that led Topspeed into DJ’ing, starting out breakdancing alongside Chad Tinsley and Brian Mays, who, with Topspeed, made up the Galactic Rockers Break Crew.

Starting from ‘97 Speed acquired an impressive collection of trophies from multiple DJ regional battles he competed in. In ‘97 he won The Hip Hop Showcase Battle, in ‘98 he won the Universal Center DJ Battle and the Coors Light City Game G Beats competition. In 01’ he was Guitar Centers Spin Off competitions Midwest & East Coast champion. He has also been the resident Break DJ of Scribble Jam since 97′. Flip forward to the present day, and you can find DJ Topspeed presenting featured mixes on WHHH Hot 96.3, with DJ WREKK 1 on Mondays and Tuesday nights, and the Mikki-Fikki Uncut Mix on Friday nights, also on WHHH, as well as holding down a vibrant and busy touring schedule. DJ Topspeed is a true mixologist with the ability, in the original and timeless Hip Hop style and fashion, to turn out any party, and any crowd, with the vast depth and breadth of his Mariana Trench deep musical knowledge, his true school roots as a B-Boy dancer, and his decades deep champion DJ skills. Speed harkens back to an era of Hip Hop that will always feel futuristic, a time when genre isn’t cut and dried, when the needles put on records can weave together sounds from different personalities and cultures, building bridges between people and places where once there were none.