– Self-taught composer, producer, graphic designer, DJ and audio engineer from the age of 14 years old
– Produced over 40 full length releases under more than a dozen monikers since 2005
– Vektroid’s work has been hailed as the foundation for the genre known colloquially as “vaporwave”, which received a nomination for an MTV O Music Award in 2013 for spearheading a prominent emerging trend in popular music
– Licensed music recordings to numerous agencies including Tony Hawk’s “900 Films” production company
– Years of working business knowledge in music – copyright, merchandising, digital/physical distribution, PR, marketing
– Press coverage includes, FACT Mag, The Needle Drop, Dummy Mag, Ad Hoc, The Chicago Reader, and Portland’s own Willamette Week (both digital and print)
– Conglomerative body of work has accumulated over 2.5 million views on YouTube and 1.5 million scrobbles on
– Maintains a network of more than 25,000 social media followers with growth of 2,000 users per month – digital outreach exceeds two million impressions per year averaging over 5,000 page views per day.